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Does Nine25 work like a bank?

Nine25 uses a lot of technology that's used by leading banks around the world.

The Nine25 Deposit Account and banking/payment arrangement services are provided by Zai Australia Pty Ltd. ABN 96 637 632645 AFSL 527370 supported by banking partner Cuscal Limited ABN 95 087 822 455 an Authorised Deposit‑taking Institution (ADI) , which is wholly owned by Standard Chartered Bank based in London, operating across 70 countries, employing 87,000 people.

Our Deposit Accounts accounts are non cash out and non interest bearing accounts. Deposit Accounts can transact and act similar to bank accounts but importantly cannot be referred to as a bank account.

We only accept deposits from your own personal bank account. We do not allow third-party credits. If we receive any third-party credits or deposits into your Nine25 Account, as per Nine25's deposit policy, it will be held for further verification or refunded.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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