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How to upgrade to Premium using KeyPay.

So you've created your free Nine25 Account but you want to go Premium!

Here's how:
Click 'Nine25 Account' in the top right of your dashboard, then choose 'Upgrade now' and 'Continue'.

How to go Premium

Connect your bank account;

Connect bank

Then, select your primary account (where your salary normally lands every-other-week)

Select account

Confirm your employment details by selecting and logging into your KeyPay account via the Nine25 App. Then switch your salary deposits to your Nine25 Account.

Confirm employment

Using KeyPay to upgrade to Nine25 Premium ensures Nine25 receives your employment data and can confirm your earnings. By switching your salary deposits to your Nine25 Account you will automatically activate Salary Streaming. Your salary will then stream to your Nine25 Account each hour that you work — instead of landing in your bank account at the end of every Pay Cycle.

Officially start your Nine25 Premium subscription by clicking 'Nine25 Account' in the top right of your dashboard. Toggle the options and click 'Start Subscription'.

Start subscription

That's it! You are now Livin' on the Stream®!

Updated on: 01/11/2022

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